Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How I booked the flight or the curse of cancel button

Recently I booked the flight for me and my family. After some search I stopped at Rossiya airlines (Saint-Petersburg's airlines). It was new airlines for me but they offered the best option.

So I started booking and somewhere in the middle I decided to use another bank card. I pressed cancel button (instead the pay button) and it says the payment failed. No option to retry.

I tried to dial the call-center of Rossiya airlines, several times, but no any luck to ring till the bell is answered. So I wrote them email and in few minutes I got an answer:
Unfortunately you can't pay by bank card online if you rejected to do that once. But you can pay in our office, choose another payment type or book another flight.
Sure I tried to book the flight again but the price surprised me. It wasn't the best option anymore. So I decided to pay existing one and since another payment type usually assumes a noticeable fee then I said:
Ok. What is address of your office in my city.
They said:
Unfortunately we don't have offices in your city. You can try to pay by VTB-24 ATM or in VTB-24 bank office.
I asked about the fee. They said no fee. Ok, nice.

I located VTB-24 ATM near of my house and tried to pay. When I typed the payment info then the ATM said that it can't process this request. I thought maybe VTB-24 ATM can vary, thus I checked Rossiya airlines web site which ATM can be used to make this payment. Next day I tried another VTB-24 ATM. This time when I specified all payment info it said "the feature is not implemented". The farther into the forest the thicker the trees I thought.

So I came to the office of VTB-24 bank to make a payment. They said I can't pay by my bank card. Of course if that was a bank card of their bank then I could do that but otherwise they can't help me and they need a cash. So I moved to ATM of my bank and got that cache, got back to that office and oh happiness I did that.

Say me what a heck I pressed that cancel button.

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