Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Build DOM Inspector

From time to time I'm getting asked how to build DOM Inspector (aka DOMi) from sources. It's helpful when you need to access to the latest features which aren't available in release yet or if you want to hack on it.

So if you build Firefox on your machine then building the DOMi is easy.

  1. You need to download DOM Inspector sources: hg clone inspector 
  2. Copy the inspector folder under extension folder of Mozilla sources you build Firefox from
  3. Add ac_add_options --enable-extensions=default,inspector into your .mozconfig file
  4. Build Firefox

That worked fine for a long time. But recently I noticed it doesn't make a trick and DOMi isn't shown in installed add-ons anymore.

In this case cd firefox-objdir/extension; make; helps to appear the DOMi. When you open Firefox for the first time then you will see an extra tab with request to enable the DOMi. You just click the checkbox and restart Firefox.

After that you can summon DOMi from Tools -> Web Developer -> DOM Inspector menu.

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