Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Accessible text support in Firefox

So getting back shortly after ATK text insight to share our plans about text support in Firefox. In fact we started the work already and couple patches were landed into Firefox 22 (currently in Aurora stage). The primary work is targeted to Firefox 23 and Firefox 24.

We need to know if the changes we introduce deliver any problems for screen readers. Recently we figured out that we broke Orca. We cherished our bugs through years and probably screen readers learned how to live with them. Putting a screen reader into fresh water might make it feel bad. I guess that's what happens with Orca.

So it's worth to give the assistive technology and the users a notice and ask them to keep eyes open. And of course be ready to report bugs against us.


An overview

The text problem is wide and consists of several parts (or has several layers like ogres or onions).

Caret navigation

Caret navigation in Firefox is not good in general. The behavior is inconsistent and
accidental. From time to time I observe weirdness myself writing a next blog post. The caret may move somewhere I didn't want to or it may hang somewhere in the text and I need to use mouse to move it. I don't exclude a possibility that Google Blogger product "helps" the Firefox but I don't recall any web app for rich text editing running really smooth in Firefox. If you deal with lists, tables or control elements then as a rule you should be ready to surprises.

We can't bypass a caret navigation problems, for example, recently I fixed one bug but it's likely we won't pay much attention until UIA text implementation.

ATK and IAccessible2 text

These interfaces are very similar. IA2 interface is simplified (I'd say a human friendly) version of ATK. Actually this is a reason that these interfaces have shared implementation in Firefox. We have a *lot* of bugs related to this implementation.

UIA text

UIA has a different concept of accessible text support and likely requires a separate implementation. We don't have immediate plans on it.


Technical part

In short our plans is ATK/IAccessible2 text bugs. On technical layer the work is scoped by following items:

* Fix ATK/IAccessible2 getTextAt/Before/After method logic. Check out our understanding of ATK text to make sure our understanding is the same with yours one.
* Fix soft line breaks problem. Currently start and end of lines produced by soft line break share the same offset. So we never know which line we should return when that offset is given.
* Do not use embedded characters for inline elements.

Please keep your eyes open and let us know if you observe a problem when reading the text in your favorite screen reader.

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