Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mozilla XForms has gone

XTF and XML events are removed from Firefox (see this and this) and that's supposed to be a last day of Mozilla XForms project which was built on these technologies. Mozilla XForms was nearly dead for a while and it was kept alive by Philipp Wagner. Now it's over. So we decided to remove XForms accessibility support from Firefox.

XForms was a project that my Mozilla story has started from. I worked for a local company in the city I live. They created Mozilla based applications and in particular they were interested in Mozilla XForms. XForms was a really promising technology since it supported natively a model view pattern and provided a nice mechanism to map data to UI. However Mozilla based applications were written in XUL but Mozilla XForms didn't have XUL UI those days. So they decided to put me working on Mozilla XForms project to fix that. That's how I've met XForms guys: Allan Beaufour, Aaron Reed and Olli Pettay.

Year later I was moved to another project. I had a chat to Allan and I said that I'm really upset that I can't spend much time on the project anymore. After several days Allan asked: Do you still want to continue your work? I said: Of course. He said: there's an idea to make XForms accessible, I will introduce you to one guy. That's how I've met Aaron Leventhal and that's how my Mozilla accessibility story has started.

Note (just in case): XTF and XML Events were removed in Firefox 19. Firefox 17 and Firefox 18 aren't affected. That means next ESR release is not affected too.

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