Thursday, March 29, 2012

New contributors, welcome on board!

I remember that couple years ago I answered some Mozilla questionnaire and one of questions was "how many new contributors were involved into your project this year". That time I answered "none". Now I can say times were changed. Mozilla started the active engagement work and of course it brought a positive effect to Mozilla accessibility story.

I was the first one from accessibility team who volunteered to find good first bugs for new contributors and do mentoring. Now everyone from accessibility team joined. And I can say you why.
  • It's really fun because you talk to new people who is passionate about open web, accessibility and Mozilla.
  • You acquire new experience working closely with contributors having different styles and another way of thinking.
  • New contributors do amazing work! Over the past three months about 150 bugs were fixed in accessibility module, over 30 bugs were fixed by new contributors.
As you can see results are very exiting.

Ok. What if you think Mozilla is cool or if you are passionate about accessibility. Then it's time to join!

If you are a hacker then you can start hacking on Firefox accessibility easily. Here are simple steps:
Well, if you want to try something else outside the accessibility then there's a nice tool to find mentored bugs. Or if you are unsure about code hacking this time then check out how else you can get involved.

Interested? Do you want to change the web? Then welcome on board! It's really fun!

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  1. This is great. Very exciting to hear about how many bugs have been fixed by new contributors.